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Tree Shadows by fainting-goat
Tree Shadows
Still struggling with recovering from my car accident, but I decided to try painting again.  It went better this time.
Lanterns by fainting-goat
I'm submitting this from my phone so hopefully it'll go through okay. I painted this today to go with the frame.
Ghost Lanterns by fainting-goat
Ghost Lanterns
So after laying around ill for like... two weeks... I finally busted out my paints again in an attempt to cheer myself up.  It kinda worked.  But that might also be because I am now refusing to take the meds that are making me horribly ill and am substituting with a different med that does the same thing but doesn't make me want to never eat food ever again.
Not Yet by fainting-goat
Not Yet
I drew this the day before my car accident.  Finally getting around to painting it now.
Bison by fainting-goat
The horns may be inspired by the bonnacon.  Just a teensy bit.
I was involved in a car accident on Friday.  (yes, again)  It was a bad one this time, so let me just preface this by saying that I'm okay.  I do have a concussion and that's been causing me problems, but other than muscle strain, I'm not hurt.  The concussion is just making me confused, giving me a headache, and is making me dizzy to the point I'm barely functional and can only stay up for a couple hours at a time.  It's probably going to last for a while.

So what happened is I was driving along at about 50mph on the highway, as I was stuck behind a slow-moving truck.  The person behind me was looking down and not paying attention, and he just slammed into the back of my car.  My car started to spin and it was going to go into the other lanes of traffic, and all I remember is thinking that I could NOT let that happen, so I corrected the spin to get it to go to the shoulder instead.  As soon as it hit dirt and snow the car went completely out of control and rolled.  I think I blacked out mid-roll, as the next thing I remember is my car is upright and there's two people coming in my direction to see if I'm okay.

I haven't heard back from insurance yet, but it's likely that the car is totaled.  There's damage on all sides of the vehicle.  The person that hit me is accepting fault and has insurance.  I'm going to be okay, basically, but I'll be struggling for a little while with this concussion.  I have family in the area and some very, very good friends that are helping me out.

I think I'm lucky it wasn't much worse.  If I'd gone into the other lanes, I could have been hit again, and my car would at least have hit the concrete barrier.  When the policeman showed up and found me sitting up in the back of the ambulance, he was genuinely surprised and told me he didn't expect me to be sitting up, from how my car looks and the 911 calls they'd received.

I'll have more details on what all happened later in the week, as I intend to blog about this.  It'll be a nice blog.  I'm not actually angry at the guy that hit me, as he looked real scared when he came to check on me and was quite upset.  I'm just glad I'm alive and not badly injured.  

We think my laptop might have been what struck me in the head, as it was sitting on the seat next to me and everything in my car just got thrown everywhere.  It was a mess.
I know I've been submitting a bunch of watercolors lately, but I'm trying to put my writing on hold for a little bit.  Part of this is because I've gotten into this habit where I feel anxious if I go a few days without writing, to the point I think it's bordering on obsession.  I'm trying to get to where I can actually do nothing for an evening without freaking out.  Unfortunately, I think I might have substituted one obsession for another, as evidenced by the mountain of artwork.  Though, in my defense, part of that is because I've been hanging out at a friend's house and I don't like writing around other people yet, but I WILL paint.  

I'm thinking of selling the paintings at a local convention, as it tends to attract intermediate artists.  Debating on pricing.  I was thinking $20-30 but my friends are urging to go at bit higher.  I got plenty of time.

As far as how personal things are going... dad had his surgery, it went well.  He's started radiation and chemotherapy and that's about as stressful as you'd expect.  Nothing much else to say, at least, not publicly. This is hard.  I won't pretend otherwise.

I'm also getting discouraged while working on Summoner.  I feel like I'm the only person interested in the project and while I don't need attention to keep working on stuff, I DO need it to be capable of attracting interest in order to be confident it's publishable.  If people don't want to read it, then it won't sell, and I'm wasting my time in pursuing publication and need to move on to a new project.  And right now, it looks like it's not interesting enough to hold a reader.
Let me give you guys an update on what all has been going on here.  Obviously I had the car accident but that wasn't that big of a deal.  The guy that caused the accident doesn't have insurance (of course) but my insurance has gotten everything settled with me, I just need to fill out paperwork and get the car into the shop from this point on.  Now the big thing that's been going on and I haven't wanted to talk about until after the fact is that my dad had surgery on the 23rd.

Back around Thanksgiving he was diagnosed with cancer.  The surgery on the 23rd was to remove the tumor from his neck.  They also removed all of his teeth so that he wouldn't get a fatal type of infection during the radiation therapy that's starting in January.  It was scheduled to be a 4 hour surgery and it went for more around 7 hours.  While waiting for them to take him off to prep, I heard one of the nurses reading his chart at the desk and she goes, "dear Lord, what are they doing to this poor man?"  Which is not something you ever want to hear.  But the surgery went fine, despite taking longer than expected.  The surgeon is the best in town and I really like him.  He opened dad's neck up and removed the tumor, had to take a bunch of nerves, muscle, and one of the arteries (I didn't know you can live without it but apparently the rest of the arteries compensate once it's gone) but he was able to peel the tumor off the major nerve that goes to the shoulder.  My dad won't be able to feel his ear ever again, but he can still move his arm okay.

He's home now, we got him home on Christmas Day, and he's doing SO MUCH BETTER than we expected.  The incision on the neck is healing great to the point even I can look at it, as squeamish as I am, and he's talking fairly well despite not having teeth anymore.  My mother is a nurse who used to work with post-surgery patients, so she knows what she's doing in taking care of him.

It has been really rough though.  There's been a lot of crying, I went to Christmas Eve service alone for the first time in a long time, and we've still got chemo to go through.

on a happier note, in my downtime when I'm not playing the shit out of Crypt of the Necrodancer (you have my brother to blame for that, it was a birthday present) I've been working on revising Summoner, which is my novel in progress and probably needs a new title at some point.  I got it from 129k words to 115k and am going to give it another run-through to see if I can find any more parts where the pacing lags.  (that was the problem my last novel had, from the agent that did a full manuscript read)  Once that's done, I'm going to cherry-pick some people to give it a read and mark wherever they felt it slowed down or got bored, and after that we've got more revisions and then.... query letter time.


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