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At first we thought I might have mumps, but now I'm getting pain around the liver and spleen so we're thinking the doctor might be correct with saying it's mono, even though I don't have a sore throat and I've no clue how I could have contracted mono from someone.  I mean, I turn 30 in a couple months.  You'd think I'd have had mono already, right?  Apparently not.  And now I get to experience the joy of working full-time, going to school part-time, and managing a house all on my own.

With mono.

I'd be upset but I'm honestly too ill to feel much of anything except 'blah'.

Even worse, with this being mono, you all got to miss out on what I'm sure would have been an absolutely fantastic rant about anti-vaccers.  Yeah, yeah, I know I could rant ANYWAY, but I just can't muster up the energy for the amount of rage that would require.  There's been a mumps outbreak recently in my area, you see, which is why we suspected it in the first place.  So you all get a half-hearted 'fuck anti-vaccers' and I'm going to go heat up some soup in the hopes my stomach will cooperate long enough to get some food on it.


Which means it is probably mumps.  Epic anti-vacc rant coming later this week.  I promise.
I have found something amazing.  My backup CDs from when I was in highschool.  Yes, this includes writing and artwork.  I have found some truly wondrous creations from the days before I knew such things as world-building, characterization, and how people act in reality instead of magical fantasy land where everyone is 14 and don't have real friends.  If you're thinking I'm being too harsh on myself, look, nobody should be published before the age of 25.  Everything before that is just practice to be looked back on and laughed at in admiration of how far we've come.  I keep all my old sketchbooks for just that reason.  But let me give you an idea of the gems I've found.

A story series about magical cats.  Magical.  Cats.  Magical telepathic cats.  Oh, and a wizard too?  I'm not sure what purpose he was supposed to serve other than litter the story with yet more Important Official Titles of Things that are just random words smashed together like MysticalPaperclip and StarMoonGarbagePail.

Oh, and here's a story about a wizarding school with planes of magic that just so happen to almost exactly coincide with the worlds of the immortals from Summoner.  Look.  Sometimes I borrow, okay, and sometimes I borrow waaaay back.  But still, having one reusable idea is no excuse for giving a character a last name of "MirroredWorld".  I had a problem with random capitalization and smashing words together nonsensically, it seems.

A short story!  And of course the werewolf is his little brother.  Who else?

Another short story that is 90% dialogue and I can't actually figure out what it's about because of this.

Here's 169 pages of 'teenagers get transported to another world' in which the main character is a shameless self-insert that is uber-powerful and all her friends love her (except for the mean ones and they get theirs in the story).  Also, the crime of random capitalization continues unabated.

The original Griffin's Fall.  If you're not in the know, that's the story that is currently being considered by an agent.  I think only two things remained the same from the original.

There's more, but it's mostly short stories, some of which I really can't figure out what they were supposed to be.  It's all very amusing.  I'm half-tempted to share some with you lovely people.  Oh!  Or!  Do one of those 'draw this again' things but instead make it a 'write this again' challenge.


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I write. I draw. I write way too much. I paint and play the harp. And I'm part of the Society for Creative Anachronism as Lady Brighid of Red Spears.

kiki-doodle drew that awesomeness for me.


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