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Bear with me.  I'm rambling about Summoner world-building.  Feel free to tune this out.

So in Summoner, there are fifteen worlds for immortals and then there's earth.  Interestingly, all the immortals speak English, and then they speak their own language.  Quix speaks multiple languages.  So here's how this all works.

Each type of immortal has their own language.  Since there's not much cross-over between worlds, the immortals don't really have a need to learn the other languages.  However, since they're immortal, they tend to learn them anyway because they have nothing but time.  They are freed from some of the baser needs that mortals have (like food) and pursue the higher level wants and needs to fulfill their lives.  The older an immortal, the more likely they are to know other languages.  Quix, being really really old and also one of the leaders of his world, knows all fifteen languages.  Larinst, being only moderately old, only knows a couple languages.  Immortals tend to learn the languages of their opposing world (if they have one) first and then some of the other major worlds that correlate to their own.  Larinst, being a spirit immortal, also knows the language of body, blood, and beast.  Most immortals learn blood fairly quickly, as ritual is an important part of magic and since immortals find it almost impossible to perform rituals on their own, they at least want to be able to ask for help if the need arises.  Mackt, being young, only knows his own language.

But what about human languages?  When summoned, an immortal has access to their summoner's mind.  They instinctively pull some knowledge out of there, such as how to function in a human body, as well as how to speak their summnoner's native language.  Most immortals, after being released, retain that knowledge simply from familiarity of use.  Quix knows a lot of languages as a result, including at least one extinct one.  Interestingly, immortals tend to have no or a negligible accent with human languages.  Since they learn it instinctively, they pick up the accent of the person they learned it from as well.  Mackt will now speak English with Cecelia's accent, and Quix speaks English with the accent of whichever English-speaker first summoned him.  (note to self: this means he likely has a British accent, not sure I really want to include that in the story though)

Void immortals are an exception to this, however.  Since void immortals don't get summoned, they have to learn human languages the hard way.  Void immortals do have an accent as a result and it tends to be thick, as they don't get many opportunities to practice speaking with humans.  Kissa knows two human languages: Spanish and English.  Her accent is fairly bad, but that's really the least of what makes her stand out in a crowd...  
I finished writing Summoner last night.  127,617 words and it took 8 months.  It is dark and violent and there are parts of it that disturb even me, the person who wrote it.  I'm just... going to take a breather now.  I need one.
So I think it's time for an update on what's happening with this.

Things are moving.  I've had two agent responses in a week.  Like... nothing for months... then two responses in under a week.  I don't know.  It always seems to go like this, though, even when I was job hunting for my programming career.

One agent has a sample and I'm waiting on a response, the other wants a shorter word count and asks if I'd let her know if I revise.  Obviously, I'm going to revise, as they're the pros here, not me, and if she feels a shorter word count would be viable than I'll make that happen.  So the rest of this week/weekend will be spent abusing the delete key.  I have some ideas on how to go about this.  I think I can condense one of the big plot points into one scene, which will eliminate quite a bit of text.  There's a couple other world-building fluff segments too that can go.  I'd rather just straight-up remove stuff than go through and pick apart the writing, because I've done that before, and not only do I hate it but I feel it ruins the writing.

So we'll see what we've got when I'm done revising.

Ugh, okay, I might need some advice here.  For those of you that read the document on Google Drive...

Would you rather see massive chunks cut out of the middle/beginning or the ending rewritten?  The ending rewrite would remove Nia ever entering Tak's world, but rather she'd remain in her own and he'd launch the invasion from there.  I think that could remove enough words.


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