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I have found something amazing.  My backup CDs from when I was in highschool.  Yes, this includes writing and artwork.  I have found some truly wondrous creations from the days before I knew such things as world-building, characterization, and how people act in reality instead of magical fantasy land where everyone is 14 and don't have real friends.  If you're thinking I'm being too harsh on myself, look, nobody should be published before the age of 25.  Everything before that is just practice to be looked back on and laughed at in admiration of how far we've come.  I keep all my old sketchbooks for just that reason.  But let me give you an idea of the gems I've found.

A story series about magical cats.  Magical.  Cats.  Magical telepathic cats.  Oh, and a wizard too?  I'm not sure what purpose he was supposed to serve other than litter the story with yet more Important Official Titles of Things that are just random words smashed together like MysticalPaperclip and StarMoonGarbagePail.

Oh, and here's a story about a wizarding school with planes of magic that just so happen to almost exactly coincide with the worlds of the immortals from Summoner.  Look.  Sometimes I borrow, okay, and sometimes I borrow waaaay back.  But still, having one reusable idea is no excuse for giving a character a last name of "MirroredWorld".  I had a problem with random capitalization and smashing words together nonsensically, it seems.

A short story!  And of course the werewolf is his little brother.  Who else?

Another short story that is 90% dialogue and I can't actually figure out what it's about because of this.

Here's 169 pages of 'teenagers get transported to another world' in which the main character is a shameless self-insert that is uber-powerful and all her friends love her (except for the mean ones and they get theirs in the story).  Also, the crime of random capitalization continues unabated.

The original Griffin's Fall.  If you're not in the know, that's the story that is currently being considered by an agent.  I think only two things remained the same from the original.

There's more, but it's mostly short stories, some of which I really can't figure out what they were supposed to be.  It's all very amusing.  I'm half-tempted to share some with you lovely people.  Oh!  Or!  Do one of those 'draw this again' things but instead make it a 'write this again' challenge.

So here's my problem.  I'm trying to decide what I want to work on.  And the thing is, the answer really should be, "submitting Summoner to a publisher" but I need to take a long hard look at that novel and decide how it needs to be revised and I have no idea where to start and I'm super-discouraged and this is why I'll never be published.  To distract myself from how shitty I feel about this, I need a side-project.  And let me shaaaare my ideaaaaas with you.

You don't get a plot summary.  Instead you get a brief description of the world and then a list of characters.  Let me know what you think/like.

Option 1: Samantha's Run

World: A mixture of fantasy and science fiction. A bunch of worlds, all connected by a 'hub', which is a city set inside the void between worlds. It is governed by a Sleeping Empress that no one has seen in a very long time, save for the people that operate the city itself. They have an agenda of conquest and has used their control over the hub – and their mostly superior technology – to either conquer or demand concessions from the other worlds. However, the city is also stalked by monsters that invade human bodies and take them over, although while they can sometimes be violent, no one is really sure what they're trying to accomplish as they seem to have a purpose and they're determined to keep the boy key in the city and under the control of the government officials.

Samantha: a 'key' able to open the space between worlds and open the rest of the universe up to her area of origin, which includes Earth. She also has a movement disorder (because I have wanted to write about a disabled character for a while and I only have experience with one type of disability) and after her meds wear off (24 hours) it becomes a real problem for her. She's used to be protected, but resents it and is starting to develop a temper problem as backlash. Her classmates say she's just doing this for attention and she's starting to feel no one takes her seriously or believes her, so she's very touchy and easily offended. During the story she learns how to control her power, which is magical in nature, and open up gateways between worlds. She also figures out how to take over other people's bodies while she's having one of her episodes, and uses that to take control of her companions when she herself is helpless. They are very unhappy with her for this but Samantha insists its the best option, as she can still use magic while inhabiting someone else and claims its her way of helping, instead of just her trying to escape what's wrong with her own body. This trick also helps her figure out what is going on with the Sleeping Empress. Her biggest conflict is that she learns that the only people with the proper technology to cure her are the bad guys.

Soldier: an alien soldier working as a super special agent for the military, which also serves as their supreme government. The civilian branch has some say, but really the military is in control. Placed in charge of Samantha and realizes she's a key, has all the records of her buried so the hub city won't find out about her, and when Samantha runs he manages to follow her across the worlds. His goal is to keep Samantha away from the hub, as his world resents their control (they have limited interstellar travel and the hub facilitates this, and their world is overcrowded to the breaking point so they have to be able to start colonies) and is hoping to find a way to break it while still retaining access to the hub. He's stalling for time by keeping Samantha away from them, he is very adverse to risk and wants to keep Samantha safe above all.

Elf: from a low-tech world where magic is somewhat accessible. His people are not very nice and were actually engaged in a war against the human nation, which the hub put a stop to when they invaded. They decided the war in favor of the humans and the elves have resented the hub ever since. The elf is a priest with a magical sword, not very good at combat on account of being somewhat frail and weak, and he has an intense loathing for other people – human or elf or whatever – that stems from his own self-hatred. He wants to get rid of the hub's influence in his world so the elves can restart the war. On a more personal note, he wants the war to start because his older brother is in the military and he's hoping he'll get killed in battle someday. As a priest, the elf is not allowed to be harmed by anyone, human or elf, but he himself will take any opportunity to be cruel to someone else. He's very petty and selfish and is only along because he got pulled in by accident and they feel bad just ditching him on some other world that isn't his own.

Pilot: a human pilot from a world that was allied with the aliens prior to the hub starting their war of conquest. Initially low-tech, but the aliens have elevated their science to match their own, until the two worlds are essentially under the same governance. She flies an old warship that's been decommissioned and converted into a light cargo carrier. She's not terribly thrilled about being involved in any of this, but can't really argue after the soldier commandeers her ship. Dislikes the elf, insists that he can't say his sword is made from the moon unless it is literally made of moon rock, somewhat likes the soldier, and likes Samantha.

Boy: another key like Samantha, was discovered by the hub and brought to the city about three years before the start of the story. Kept as an honored prisoner and used to maintain access to the existing world network while the Sleeping Empress is in suspended animation. He escapes every now and then, but the monsters in the city always find him and drags him back. He's hoping for someone to come along that knows how to use magic better than him that can wake the Empress and free him from the city. (hint: waking the Empress does not have the intended effect everyone was hoping for)  Selfish and petulant.

Option 2: Keepers

World: Sci-fi dystopia. The world went through a nuclear war that pretty much eradicated most life on the surface and plunged it into a nuclear winter. The story takes place in a large human city that is ruled by a dictatorial council and features a lot of 1984-esque elements, except far less sinister in nature and more a means of controlling the population and otherwise letting people do whatever they want – within the laws, of course. The world features fantastical creatures as well, most of them dormant until the war, and now they're waking up and beginning to reclaim the world as they can live in the radiation where humans can't.

Johanna: the second eldest surviving vampire and second-in-command of the vampire clan that was brought to live in the city. She does all the day-to-day work and resents Luke's seeming disinterest in the affairs of managing a hive of vampires, especially with how diverse the hive is, as it consists of what they believe are the last remaining vampires from all over the world. She's short-sighted in her goals and focuses exclusively on survival. Does not make long-term plans, is somewhat grouchy, and very pessimistic.

Luke: the oldest surviving vampire and in charge of the last vampire hive on earth. He's collected, calm, and difficult to upset. Seems to not take anything seriously but is in reality very intelligent and thinks ahead – very far ahead. He fears the city will reach a point where they no longer need vampires, so he intends to work within their political system until he's in control of the council, either directly or covertly. Delegates pretty much everything to Johanna so he can dedicate himself to this.

Ledierch: that is not spelled right, but it's a type of Hungarian vampire/incubus with chicken feet. As the most foreign vampire in the hive, he's a loud and flamboyant in order to compensate for feeling like an outsider. He's especially keen on getting into Johanna's good graces to secure his own personal power, but unfortunately tends to do this by making unwanted advances (he is kind of incubus in nature).

Shapeshifter: been impersonating government officials in order to gain access to information about the city. Hopes to figure out how to get rid of that pesky shield around the city so his brethren can get inside, because humans are delicious.

Liaison: in charge of making sure the vampires are taken care of. Efficient, competent, but sometimes gets disturbed when he is confronted with the fact his job is essentially making sure a nest of vampires are happy to stay in his city. Which includes ensuring they have food, which consists of criminals and political dissidents. Likes Johanna. Does not like Luke, on account of he suspects that Luke is up to something sinister. (he's right, if you're of the opinion that a vampire being in control of the city is not a good thing) Is perpetually annoyed that the vampire's approach to other supernaturals is 'negotiate' instead of 'kill the bastards'.

Option 3: Renfield's Clock

World: modern day world, except with magic and cursed artifacts that house demons. Detective type story.

Narrator: (wtf was her name?) Got sent a cursed clock, made a deal with a demon, lost her job, trying to find a new one. Practical, even-keeled to the point of being almost emotionless at times, rational and logical. Sees no problem with her current demonic roommate because it was the best option that didn't get anyone killed, like herself. Very annoyed at losing her job, however, because what is so wrong about having a demon in the workplace? Sometimes irked at Renfield's enthusiasm – especially when his enthusiasm is directed to violence and bloodshed – but otherwise is able to tolerate his quirks. Does not like adventure. Does not like excitement. Likes having a clean house that she doesn't have to work at.

Renfield: demon trapped inside a clock. He's too busy enjoying his new-found freedom to worry about anything else. Very protective of the narrator as she's the reason he can do anything at all, but is overconfident in his abilities and gleefully puts her into harm's way because he believes he can get her out of it. Obsessively tidy about where he lives and spends most of his free time redoing the narrator's house and demanding she buy him things to make it prettier with. Dislikes her not having a job because of said obsession and decides to fix this. By first getting her a stipend from the government as payment for 'dangerous artifact containment' and then helping her track down whatever gribbly is preying on people in the city as part of a deal with the police force. Because the stipend wasn't enough, in his opinion, and he likes adventure and danger and an opportunity to indulge in bloodshed without getting his host arrested in the process.

Gribbly: I'm working on it, okay?

Option 4: Sequel to Summoner

World: modern day, magic, immortals.

Cecelia: starting to realize that she is really not a good person and that her idea of 'making things better' isn't going to make up for what she's done and there's no way out of her predicament

Quix: starting to realize that maybe he doesn't hate humans as much as he thinks he does and he might have an anger problem that's coloring his perception of the world

Larinst: glad that Quix is starting to do a bit of soul-searching

Mackt: torn between enjoying being taken seriously by the humans and terror of OH SHIT TARRENKT IS AFTER ME. Also, car sickness.

Kissa: spends most of the book sulking and wishing she were just a teensy bit more competent at life

Tarrenkt: annoyed. Very, very annoyed.

Jonathan: pretty much resigned to the fact this is a giant clusterfuck and is trying to make it somewhat less of a clusterfuck

Kathy: pretty much resigned to the fact that she's going to die young because immortals                                                    

FBI: Why did it have to be a summoner?

I've mentioned this before, but last fall a friend of mine committed suicide.  I struggled with depression for that winter, as a result of the grieving process.  A few months ago, another friend of mine committed suicide in very similar circumstances.  And right now, it looks like I'm hitting the depression again.

So... bear with me.  I'm struggling to write anything right now.


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